2019 News


In January, we said goodbye to our Solo, CH Regalo SoloAzul de Casablanca GS-E JS-E-OP RV-E-OP. Solo was diagnosed with an inoperable soft palette tumor in 2018. Its location made even a biopsy impossible. We decided to let him live life every day for as long as he could. And what a life! Confirmation, agility, learning herding together, at my side every day with the horses, hiking, running errands, visiting my mother (always a biscuit), sleeping in our room (our first Aussie to have the run of the house!), always gentle and tolerant with our grandkids. Intelligent, sweet, gentle, independent, beautiful, always up for anything – a true representative of our wonderful breed. Solo beat the doctor’s projection by 9 months. He is the last of our Aussies so our house is all too quiet. I will always be looking for you, my buddy, but know you are waiting with Mom, Wizard, Scooter and Elle to welcome us to heaven.  Until then, my Soso..