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2008 News

It's official - Wizard kids and grandkids garnered 5 of the top 10 spots for intact and altered confirmation standings for 2008/2009!  We are so proud of all the accomplishments of these dogs - congrats to all!  A lot of time, effort and talent went in to those placings - way to go!

Intact Confirmation


#3 CH Callisto's Badabingbadaboom "Bing" - grandson owned by Gail Karamalegos

Sirius Movement Nat08.JPG

#4 CH Del Sol's Irrestible Magic "Sirus" -  son owned by Carol Roberts

Magnum Nice Movement.JPG

#6 CH Casa Blanca's Magnum Blast - son owned by Erin Welch

Altered Confirmation

Zoltie Erica Win Photo.JPG

#1 CH Casa Blanca's Sweet Drm'n Zoltie "Zoltie"  - daughter owned by Jack and Roxanne Leon

Toby A-BOB at 2007 Nationals.JPG

#2 CH Rainyday's Howdoyoulikemenow? "Toby Keith" - grandson owned by Danielle Pugh

Nationals News!  We journeyed to the ASCA National dog show in Las Vegas and we are THRILLED at how well Wizard's kids and grandkids did!  Wizard joins an elite number of dogs who have sired mulitple specialty winners - Mystic in 2006 and now Sirius and Zoltie in 2008!  It was great to see friends and give people who have Wizzie offspring a chance to see him in action.  The unbelievable highlights:

Sirius BISS Nat08.JPG

Wizard son Del Sol's Irresistible Magic (Sirius) went Best of Breed at the Saturday Pre-Show and then BOB at NATIONALS!  Sirius was handled by Megan Sims and is owned and bred by Carol Roberts.

Zoltie Nationals 1.JPG

Wizard daughter Casa Blanca's Sweet Dream'n Zoltie (Zoltie) went Altered Best of Breed (from the Open class!) at 2 Pre-Shows and then went A-BOB at NATIONALS!  Zoltie also had several placements and qualifying agility scores.  Zoltie, who was handled by Erica Pruitt at Nationals, is owned by Roxanne and Jack Leon and bred by Judy Chard.

Hermoine Nat08.JPG

Wizard daughter CH Del Sol's Sorceress (Hermoine) placed second in the American Bred class at Nationals and also made her agility debut!  Hermoine returned home to complete her championship with all majors and a BOB.  Hermoine is owned, bred and shown by Carol Roberts.


Our Solo (Regalo SoloAzul de Casablanca) placed third in the tough Open Blue Merle class at Nationals!


And last but CERTAINLY not least, it was great to have Wizard out there again! He won the 11-13 Veterans Sweeps but unfortunately pulled up lame for the regular Veterans class - too many rocks and too much concrete in Las Vegas! 

2008 Nationals 019.jpg

Other Highlights:

Wizard son Casa Blanca's Magnum Blast (Magnum) was Premier dog. 

Wizard grandson Callisto's Badabingbadaboom (Bing) was Premier dog. 

Our Scooter (C-Star's Scoot Over) qualified in 2 Open Jumper rounds and placed third in one round.

Our Elle (Regalo's Ella me Encanta) earned her FIRST qualifying score in Novice Jumpers.

Mystic Stacked.jpg

Congratulations to BISS CH La Plata's Mistico De Colores  "Mystic", on achieving his Hall of Fame Sire status!  With limited breeding, Mystic produced great dogs that are competing and titling in all venues.  Mystic also recently obtained his started sheep title, proving that dads can keep up with the kids!  Congrats, Mystic and owner Tammy Seaman!


Solo returned from the Las Vegas Nationals to pick up a WD and RWD at the West Coast show in December.  Chipping away at the points!   Thanks, Breeder Judge Gina Blair!

Sammy Goodlife Bag.JPG

Another family celebrity! Sammy, from the first Wizard/Sparkle cross, was selected to represent Goodlife Recipe dog food!  Go to to see his cute face!  Owned and loved by Kristen and Spencer McCoy, Sammy has also met Cesar Milan when he came to Kristen's workplace to work with some "problem" dogs.  Cesar commented "This is a very balanced dog with good energy; calm submissive.”  Go Sammy!


Solo goes Winner's Dog and Best of Winners under Senior Breeder Judge Heidi Mobley at the WCASA show in June for a 5-point major!  Thank you Heidi for getting Solo started!  Solo also was Best Opposite in Sweeps under AKC judge Peri Norman.  Thank you Peri!

Solo relatives had a great show day - along with Solo's exciting wins, his littermate sister Shimmer (Casa Blanca's Shimmers Magic) was BOB in the Puppy Sweepstakes, his littermate brother Magnum (Casa Blanca's Magnum Blast) was BOS in both the am and pm  shows and his big sister from this first cross, Zoltie, Casa Blanca's Sweet Dream'n Zoltie was WB and A-BOB in the am show and WB and A-BOS in the pm show!  What a day for Wiz/Sparkle kids!

Photo Shoot Wiz&Scooter.JPG

Wiz and Scooter are STARS!  They were asked to model Precision pet products for both catalog and product label images.  Wizard first started modeling for the crate line and then the duo was asked for this home of their own.  Both dogs are so obedient as well as beautiful that the sessions took minutes instead of hours!   Look for Wizard on the crate box at a Petco near you!  The dog house will be coming to stores soon.  Maybe their own reality series is next?

Zolte Agility.JPG

Solo's sister Zoltie, A-CH Casa Blanca's Sweet Dream'n Zoltie, from the first Wizard/Sparkle cross, is having fun and success in multiple venues.  She has completed her open Regular, Gamblers and Jumpers titles in agility, keeping her owner Roxanne on her toes.  She completed her A-CH title in confirmation, handled by Roxanne and Danielle Dumais.  Zoltie also keeps true to her roots by herding sheep, ducks and goats!  One busy lady!


We had a ball in the snow at Mammoth!  We love to be out in nature with the dogs, hiking, snowshoeing, whatever!   New snowshoes for Ben and me.....6" of new powder - doesn't get much better than this!

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