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In Memory

Scooter, CH C-Star's Scoot Over RS-EOP, JS-EOP, GS-E, DNA-VP was a “what do you want me to do?” type of dog.  Extremely biddable, he tried his hardest in whatever you asked him to do.  He received his ASCA conformation championship at 18 months, was a Premiere Champion Dog at the 2004 ASCA Nationals and won 10-12 Veteran Dog classes at the 2012 ASCA National Specialty.  He was major-pointed in AKC.  Scooter was a steady agility dog, 6 gamble Q's shy of his V-ATCH at his passing. 

Above all else, Scooter was Kathy's shadow.  He passed away in August, 2013 of lymphoma at the age of 11.  Please click links to view the memorial ad in the Aussie Times January/February 2014 issue or to view more Scooter photos.


Elle, Regalos Ella Me Encanta, NJ, was the best mover of any of our dogs other than her dad Wizard with an incredible floating gait.  She was shy in the confirmation ring but won many Best of Breed Puppy awards and earned points in the Altered division.  Elle was timid on the agility contacts but did earn her Novice Jumper title.  Elle excelled in herding, teaching Kathy handling skills.  She was a protective mother to her one litter.  But her number one job was being  the alpha bitch of the group.  Elle passed away on Valentine’s Day 2018 just shy of 14 years. Please click link to view more Elle photos

austin solo 3sm.jpg

Solo, CH Regalo SoloAzul de Casablanca, RS-EOP, JS-EOP, GS-E, DNA-VP was our "only blue"; lightly merled to blend in great with all our black dogs. Solo was inquisitive, full of energy, keen to learn and independent like his dad.  He was competitive in the confirmation ring, winning best of breed puppy classes and earning his ASCA CH title at age 2.  After being neutered, Solo was a Premiere Altered Dog at the 2012 ASCA Nationals (pulled in the final 3 for Breed consideration) as well as Altered Premiere in the pre-shows.  Solo showed drive and talent in agility, earning High in Trial awards and just shy of his V-ATCH at his passing.  Solo also was very keen on stock and partnered with Kathy for their first herding trial experiences.  Solo passed away from a paraganglioma in January, 2019, just shy of 12.  The last of our original pack. Please click link to view more Solo photos.

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