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2012 News

We had lots of success and fun at the 2012 Bakersfield ASCA Nationals!

Nationals Veterans.jpg

Scooter won the 10-12 Veteran Dog class at both the Nationals and the PASA pre-show.  Even while undergoing chemotherapy, Scooter had his energy and style onboard to win.  Thank you Kristy McClaran for showing Scooter so well for me!

National Altered Premiere.jpg

Solo was Altered Premiere Dog at all pre-shows as well as at Nationals where he was pulled for the final 3 being considered for breed!  Thanks to Tammy Csicsila for showing him for me.

austin both 5sm.jpg

This picture of our boys is priceless!

We had lots of opportunities at agility and each dog managed a few qualifying runs  - good dogs.  Exhausting between running, washing, grooming and showing!  But great seeing old friends and nostalgic being back at the venue where Wizard and I won it all in 2002!


What a haul! Who is that under all those ribbons?

Wiz Scooter and Me.jpg

Wizard, Scooter and Me - where did the time go?


After the devastating loss of Wizard in April, Scooter developed a lump on his elbow in June.  Thinking it was a hematoma from playing too hard, we took him to the vet to find that it was a tumor.   Surgery successfully removed an encapsulated benign tumor and the cone regimen began!  Big sigh of relief.


Scooter healed well only to have swollen glands appear one morning in July.  This time we were not so lucky.  We took him to the Veterinary Cancer Group in Culver City and after many tests, Scooter was found to have lymphoma.  We opted for 6 months of chemotherapy and I began the research into cancer fighting diets.  If anyone can beat this, we can!


It is with overwhelming sadness that we said goodbye to our once-in-a-lifetime dog and family member, Wizard on April 15.  Just 4 hours shy of his 15th birthday, Wizard was in amazing health until about 6 months prior to his passing.  Goodbye big fella - you were our best friend, a tribute to your breed and you leave behind such a legacy.  You were the start of it all - what an adventure.  We will see you again!


Please click button to see Wizard's page and view the memorial ad that ran in the Aussie Times. 

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